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My name is Joanna Konefal and I am the founder of Green Choices Design. 


The idea to set up a design studio that supports impact driven entrepreneurs has developed out of personal drive and the observation of the changing world.  After transitioning from business development and having gained experience as a designer, I felt strongly about making a difference through my work.

Over the last few years I became an advocate of a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle, having made three important life changes: becoming a mum, changing career paths and leaving a corporate job, first to freelance and work part-time in an e-commerce agency, and eventually to set up Green Choices Design.

With a thorough understanding of both commercial and creative business needs, I help entrepreneurs successfully communicate their ideas and connect with clients in the ever more competitive digital marketplace.

Helping more people reevaluate their lifestyle and career attitudes became my personal and professional priority. Today I create design solutions that impact others in a positive and non-material way. 



Green Choices Design offers graphic and web design services through personalised solutions and consultancy.

Through branding, we help businesses find their best visual expression for a better chance of reaching their dream clients

Through flexible and accessible web design services, any project can gain limitless visibility online in as little as 14 days

Through visual communication and creative work, we support ambitious entrepreneurs in making positive impact



Digital transformation requires a variety of skills and we love supporting our clients in the areas where their business needs help the most.


From the beginning Green Choices Design has been keen on maintaining valuable relationships with entrusted professionals that specialise in design, copywriting, marketing or social media management.


Whether you are a client or a freelancer, we would love to hear from you. 

In the world of AI generated interactions we enjoy interpersonal connections. Get in touch to find out how we can work together and whether we are the right match. 



We specialise in creating solutions for businesses whose values deeply resonate with our own, therefore, we offer the best skillset and full commitment to producing designs that contribute to the positive impact of their work.


Those businesses include, but are not limited to:

Educational institutions

Fitness and yoga instructors

Health and wellbeing practitioners


Spiritual guides

Mindfulness teachers

Cultural institutions

Independent artists


Organic and vegan companies

Eco-friendly businesses

Animal lovers


Green Choices Design operates remotely for clients all over the world. We are happy to take on new projects independently of the location, as long as you find we are the right fit for you.

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