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We build bridges to connect clients with their customers in the fast moving digital marketplace. The design process consists of understanding the purpose and objectives of our clients and translating them into visuals that work online.


Our offer includes a broad range of custom-made digital assets for use in content marketing and digital advertising, with web banners, newsletter templates, social media posts and infographics being the most popular among our clients.


Email marketing

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Our clients range from up and coming individuals who make first steps in creating their dream online business, through to entrepreneurs and international companies who look for fresh creative solutions to add value to their website, social media platform or a specific interface.

We picked a few examples of our work below, although, we had the pleasure to work on many other wonderful projects for clients located around the world. We get pretty excited at every new opportunity to contribute to meaningful ventures.

iPad mockup Healthy eating1.png


Design of landing pages and newsletters for an international referral company in health sector 

Supporting high quality nutritional supplements & organic skin care company with landing page and direct email marketing designs in line with existing brand guidelines for several campaigns.

Design of a newsletter (snapshot here) would usually include the following elements: layout, banners, infographics, resourcing royalty-free images, defining colours and typography alongside all other UI (user interface) elements.



Infographics and style guidelines for data visualisation in light and dark mood variations

We have been challenged with designing brand new style of infographics for a US-based data company RealTheory. As part of the project, examples of graphics were designed in accordance with the newly created brand guidelines that included colour, typography and overall clean and elegant tone of voice.


We also ensured that the designs work well on both light and dark backgrounds as our client might need to switch between different moods in the future.

Full case study here

Case study 2
Buddha background mockup for search.png
Buddha mockup for search.png


Digital assets for an app with Buddhist based spiritual guidance 

This creative task included design of a series of manipulated images depicting Buddha's head for use on mobile screen. 


Thanks to Photoshop filters and effects applied in the design we have created emotionally elevated assets that fit the purpose for a spiritually centred mobile application.


Final delivery included mockups of how our designs would look like in the app, as seen here.

Case study 3


Posters for the Minot Chamber Chorale (print and digital use) 

For the second consecutive year Green Choices Design has worked on creating posters advertising concerts of this 40+ piece mixed chorus based in North Dakota (US). 

After successful collaboration last season the director entrusted us with the design of a new series of posters centred this year around the theme of resilience. We sourced the images, came up with consistent and meaningful designs, and delivered Photoshop files enabling the organisers to update details such as date or location, at any point.

Case study 4
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Every project is unique, so is the expertise of each business owner. For this reason we offer flexibility in terms of your contribution to the design - whether you need full conceptual and creative job or consultancy, we look forward to hearing about your requirements

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