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Green Choices Design supports businesses in the digital space on daily basis. From time to time, however, we embark on a different kind of journey - one that leads us to create tangible assets full of personality


Environmental design

Surface design

Pattern design


T-shirt design

Tattoo design


Custom prints



From a local coffee shop promoting up-and-coming artists to a global initiative raising awareness about the Amazon Rainforest, we are proud to make difference and contribute to positive impact of the businesses we work with.


We have painted walls, canvas, designed wine labels, tattoos, clothes, book covers but that does not define us. Because we know the best is yet to come. Try us - we will consider everything creative!

Coffee with art2.png


Handmade charcoal boards for a coffee shop promoting local artists

Serving sustainable coffee, place of reunion for freelancers and an art gallery, Coffee with Art is one of the most emblematic venues in Bedford (UK).

Our contribution started with the review of their menu which used to be illegible, incomplete and definitely needed bringing up to standards with the overall feel of the place.

We produced six 2m-high boards using charcoal markers, custom imaginary and optimising the space for better legibility (such as clustering prices wherever possible).

Full case study here



Wine label design based on typography

Bibendum wanted to tap into growing trend of modern, distinctive and quirky wine brands. Their clients, career-driven 20-30 year old, were influenced by styling and happy to shake off the traditional values normally associated with wine.

Our creative task consisted in creating name concept and a series of typography-led label designs. We added a complimentary box design.

Full case study here


Surface design using intelligent inks reacting to changing light conditions

Campaign to raise awareness about impact of the Amazon Rainforest on our everyday life. Targeting international travellers to Brasil and Colombia, the campaign uses a custom pattern of carefully arranged dots on livery, merchandise and in digital media.


Colourful pattern has been inspired in reptiles' skin and under the right light conditions reveals second pattern adding interest to the design and reinforcing the link to the rainforest.

Full case study here

Day & Night collection.png


Cover design for Computer Arts magazine

Renown for using experimental print techniques such as scents, punctures and intelligent inks, Computer Arts magazine shortlisted our design using fluorescent paint for a New Talent 2019 edition. 


Our image based concept incorporated overprint with patterns that reveal 'New Talent' title in dark.

Full case study here

Be well4.png


Concept for yoga tank tops collection

With a purpose of creating meaningful reminders, Green Choices Design came up with simple messaging and designs for a new line of yoga tank tops. 

The designs alternate on front and back, and are meant to wake up contemplation of our attitudes towards others and ourselves.

Available in a range of formats here

Be well.jpg
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Ready to work together?

Every project is unique, so is the expertise of each business owner. For this reason we offer flexibility in terms of your contribution to the design - whether you need full conceptual and creative job or consultancy, we look forward to hearing about your requirements

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