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Feng shui - artworks that infuse positive energy around you

Updated: May 14, 2021

How custom made posters can help you visually express your dreams and intentions.


  1. Feng shui for beginners

  2. How do you choose artwork to put on your walls

  3. What’s the most important placement for art in the house

  4. Custom posters

There is something intangible in our existence that calls for a different type of contemplation beyond our senses and logical reasoning. For the enthusiasts of science, the quantum theory explains how we are made of atoms, originally coming from hydrogen and helium released about 13.8 billions years ago during Big Bang that lead us to take human form 200.000 years ago. For those relying more on their intuition, it’s needless to explain the omni presence of energy both in the universe as well as in our own aura. To me it all comes down to understanding how our mind works - what we choose to believe, becomes our reality. Otherwise, most of things in this world may be subjective. Feng shui helped me make choices as to where I want my focus to be, which areas of my life need more love and how I can create visual reminders to make my dreams come true (sooner). Here’s a little window to what I discovered as well as a few examples of how I can help feng shui enthusiasts with my creative skills.

1. Feng shui for beginners

Chinese characters for words “feng shui” represent “wind and water”. When wind and water move gently on the earth, the planet stays healthy and vibrant; the same goes for your home.* In order to allow calm, happiness and prosperity in our life we need to remove clutter, take good care of our interior as well as exterior, and wire our mind to reach the goals we set ourselves. Feng shui is a holistic art which applies to our health, work and relationships. In short, it is the art of feeling good.

Based on the premises that our space mirrors our life, feng shui identifies nine aspects of life, each of which can be enhanced by using right objects, symbols, colours and arrangements. Each area has a corresponding energy centre within our home. The map with nine grids (areas) is called bagua.

Image: Blueprint of the main floor overlaid with the bagua map, showing nine areas and some lucky extensions overflowing the square layout, by Green Choices Design.

2. How do you choose artwork to put on your walls

Before learning about feng shui I’d say that the artwork displayed at people’s homes (and perhaps offices too) was in great part ruled by the aesthetics fitting the decorative style of the interiors. Turns out the choice of images we expose ourselves to works much more on the subliminal level than just pleasing the eye. Following the principle of feng shui the artworks that we put up on our walls should be positive, colourful and abundant. Ideally, we want to express our dreams and ambitions resumed in a single image, depending on the area it is hang on. An interesting example is the one of the ‘Knowledge and wisdom’ area which provides us with an abundance of opportunities. We want to be stimulated to learn something new every day, to reach beyond the ordinary and to look up to those who bring enlightenment and guidance.

See here the image chosen to energise with a gentle yet powerful message representing young buddhist monks who bring offering and elephants which are, of course, considered one of the most intelligent creatures in the animal world. The image was designed into a poster to be used in the bathroom on the main floor (frequented by kids and guests) with the goal to allow to still the mind, encourage spiritual journey and pursuit of wisdom.

Image: Poster for the 'Knowledge and self-cultivation' area of the house, by Green Choices Design.

3. What’s the most important placement for art in the house

The absolute most important placement of the image in your surroundings is the one you get to see every single day in the semi subconscious state, right before going to sleep and first thing after waking up - artwork displayed opposite your bed. If you ever heard about the Law of Attraction, this will sound about right - what you persistently expose yourself to, what you believe true (or what you dread) will eventually materialise as your reality. I don’t know about you but I’d rather take chances in promoting prosperity rather than misery.

I have recently moved to a new dwelling. Decorating the place from scratch meant a ‘cart blank’ for the choices of furniture and interior design elements. It also meant, however, a long list of expenses and eventually the need to reuse what I’ve collected in my life so far. For the ‘opposite-the-bed-artwork’ I instinctively chose a framed artwork representing a male torso (carbon on paper). The drawing brought good memories from when I was learning to draw human figure. Something did not feel right about it, thought, and my husband raised his disapproval. So I contemplated on it further (as well as advanced with my feng shui study) and came to a conclusion that the placement was too important to put an image of a head-less man in it. According to the bagua laid over the plan of the second floor, the artwork actually occupies the space which is an extension of the family area and needs to be much more empowering and grounding. As I did not identify any artwork in my collection that would suit the purpose, I decided to design a font based poster in a sturdy gold frame that - at this very moment - resumes very well our focus.

Image: Message "Love is the answer" embossed in a decorative font in gold on a background similar to the wall behind the artwork, by Green Choices Design.

4. Custom posters

I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t wish for their kids to be happy and fulfilled. We want them to use their imagination and courage to try new things and never stop pursuing their dreams. Unfortunately having intentions is not enough - our kids will learn from their empiric experiences, watching closely those around them. Home environment is also an important influence that will discreetly put ideas in their head. Their room is the space where they play, rest and (day) dream.

Moving homes myself recently, the kids room was the priority as I wanted to create a sense of identity and cosiness for my boy amongst what was already a big life change for him. The furniture in his room had to fulfil a few functions - clever storage to ensure no clutter, defined zones for playing, sleeping, reading and studying, and encouraging creativity! After putting the basics in (bed, desk, storage) we decided to use the bamboo stick our boy had found in the woods as an open wardrobe hanging from the ceiling. He can easily access all his clothes and he is proud of providing the material for the construction of his own wardrobe. The finishing touch for the room was hanging the string of lights on the ceiling which stays on every night. When he fist saw his new room, in the awe he said “Reach for the stars”. And there it was - an idea for the poster that embraced his genuine impression and would serve as a reminder to try new things in the months to come.

Image: "Reach for the stars" poster created using collage technique and stock photography, by Green Choices Design.

Life is too short to postpone your plans and dreams. Is there anything you are secretly hoping for? If we can help visualise your ideas and encourage your pursuits, don’t wait and reach out! Tell us about your vision, we can help you find the right image, put your worlds into a beautiful font or create a custom artwork ready for print. For now, we wish you all the best and we remain at your disposal for any creative enquiries.

Cover image: Poster with zen drawings on sand complementing display with 'curiosities' in the living room, photo by Green Choices Design.

*From the book “Feng shui your life” by Jayme Barrett, second edition


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